Nonpareil and confined to Earth.

I’m David Leach and this is my personal website. I’m an ex Googler, serial entrepreneur and Early, Seed, or Series A investor in several awesome companies (AirBnB, Oculus VR, Uber to name a few). I’ve also invested in several dozen small startups that are still currently active. I have been retired since 2015 and spend most of my time traveling and photographing/filming, a passion of mine.

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In order to accomplish everything over the last few years I buried myself in work. Words do this explanation no justice. I believe in secrecy, almost to a fault. This comes with consequences. I did not spend a significant amount of time, or much time at all, publicizing accomplishments. Since I am retired I have to admit that it is not my highest priority to explain myself. I get no reward from this, only a page to point people to if they ask.

• I closed the following companies and pulled down: -Non profit – My creative agency, – My film production company, – My technology reviews and hacker blog, – My interviews with homeless folks film project, – Ghost blog – My kids educational apps suite, and about a dozen other companies and websites.

This has caused a significant withdrawal of backlinks that guided search engine traffic to the appropriate locations online for the keywords “David Leach” or “David Leech”.


Instagram – most active



Voluntarily offgrid.

I like to unplug more often than not these days.