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About David Leach

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I’m David Leach and this is my personal website. The views and opinions reflected on this website are my own and do not reflect the companies I own, have worked for, or am invested in.

I came from simple humble beginnings. Growing up I was not fortunate enough to have the help of parents. My father was out of the picture from early on and my mother tried her best to work three jobs and keep my sister and I together with her. Although she tried hard, she wasn’t always successful, and that led to a sequence of events in my life. In reflection I am extremely grateful for every tribulation in my life, because I understand that without those events I would not be who I am today. They shaped me into the individual I am. I grew up across the US and eventually ended up in the streets of California.  Whether or not I was looking for trouble, trouble always found me. I have walked in many shoes in my life. I was once a very unlucky resident at “Spring Creek Academy“, one of the WWASP “confinement programs” that was shut down due to child deaths, torture, and abuse. Fun times.

I joined the Army at 17 to get off the streets and to pay my way through college. I joined the San Bernardino Sheriff’s and was even a Volunteer Patrol officer shortly after my military service but that was short lived for many reasons. Within 6 months of resigning I was arrested for “evading an officer” on my motorcycle. Cheeky bastard eh?

I am proud that I have never used credit cards, taken or asked for a loan, or borrowed money to move forward in life. I make my own way in life. Life was very hard and quite honestly…pretty miserable for a long time before any thing good decided to show up in my world.

Today… I wake every day thinking my current life is a dream too good to be true and I deeply appreciate the value of time, real moments, and genuine people. Genuine people are rare and hard to locate these days. Everyone seems to always have a selfish agenda. For someone who’s core belief has always been ‘selfless-service’, I realize that altruism is definitely the downfall of man.

“Mid 30’s… someone please teach me how to adult, I missed that lesson”

I’m a US Army veteran, an ex Googler, Data Scientist, Inventor, entrepreneur, and Early/Seed, or Series A-C investor in several awesome companies (AirBnB, Oculus VR, Uber to name a few). I’ve also invested in several startups that are still currently active. I have been a C-level executive at a few US Fortune 100 companies (Technology and Finance) and achieved multi-billion dollar levels (monthly) profit levels with each of those companies. I am also the proud father of two children, my daughter and son.

After the sale of Oculus to Facebook in 2014 I decided to invest a portion of my proceeds to fund several non-profits towards anthropological pursuits. Over time my psychology shifted back into my data scientist mindset and I realized the raw mathematical futility. I closed all my non-profits shortly after I retired and withdrew all donations. Maybe someone will re-align my mindset one day, but I am not hopeful. I will elaborate on specifics and in details in my upcoming book.

I have a deep affinity for technology, science, and the outdoors. Words do not explain how passionate I am about technology and how much time I spend educating myself on various scientific/technological histories, nuances, philosophies, or developments.

Since I was a child I have a simple thought process that seems to encompass almost every decision as if it applies to a space journey I am about to embark on. “Will it last a very long journey in space?”. If you develop or design based upon that core fundamental, you’d be surprised how precise and reliable your software or products become, while at the same time, maintain the simplest form. I believe true beauty lies in the simplest form. I look for others who share this same vision.

I love gaming. That is an understatement. At many times in my life…games were the only friends I had.  You can learn more about my gaming history at FailedExE.

I am a solutions oriented individual. I believe only ignorant people present problems or complain without providing a well thought out solution. With any endeavor, question, or idea… small to large, I calculate the known plausible variables and (try to) create the most intelligent, resource efficient, and optimal path to achieving the core objective. Outwardly I’ve learned that this makes me appear quirky. I tend to over elaborate for most people.

“How’s that working out for ya?”

Quite well. It’s highly probable that this little mental variable chess-strategy thought process is how I retired in my early 30’s and years later am still partying like money is going out of style. I seem to make very little sense to most people, or agitate the ignorant, so subsequently over time I have learned to loathe explaining myself. I mean…why ask a question if you don’t intend to listen to the entire detailed response?

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David Leach details…

In order to accomplish everything over the last few years I buried myself in work. I believe in secrecy, almost to a fault. This comes with certain rewards and certain consequences.

What exactly do you do?

I’ve been “retired” since 2015. This is a loose term. I still own several companies that are active but play a less active role in corporate governance. I like to travel, enjoy unique experiences, and meet genuine people on this planet. Are you searching this tiny planet to extrapolate more meaning? Me too! Reach out to me and let’s extrapolate together!

I am a Data Scientist. Subsequently this has assisted me greatly in my startups. I have a firm understanding and experience in Traditional and Online Marketing/ Advertising up to the multi-million (annual <$60mil+) dollar levels. I use data and analytics to create mathematical solutions. Some see that as ‘great marketing’ :shrugs: I just see it as a math problem.

I am an Inventor. I have designed and created Surveillance Sensors, Satellite Surveillance countermeasures, Obstacle Avoidance algorithms, Myoelectric prosthetics,  ICBM M.G.S. assistive modules, AI Weaponized drones, and several C4ISR / DoDAF solutions.

I am a gamer. Let me be clear…I am a PC MASTER RACE gamer. My first game I recall playing was Lode Runner on an Apple II with a monochrome display…. I definitely appreciate the nostalgia of older consoles and their games…but it was Commander Keen on a Packard Bell 386 PC, then Doom, and Mechwarrior that hooked me into PC gaming.

Some would say I am a “silicon valley Investor“. Yes, I have made some (calculated) fortunate investments but this is not reflective of “who I am”. I earned my initial investment capital from entrepreneurial work and slaving startup work. Once I had some wiggle room I diversified immediately, having learned from my previous mistakes during the 2007 crash.

Some would some I am a developer. I simply have an education and good familiarization with several widely used development languages so that I would never be the idiot in the board room that didn’t understand what my devs were saying. Yes, I have solely developed software…but no…I don’t prefer to code and don’t call myself a developer… that would undermine individuals who devote their lives to coding and the evolution of (coding) languages.

I call myself a photographer and cinematographer, but I think I am just in love with being behind a camera and capturing life. Everything on Insta has simply been my personal travels. I still photograph and film almost daily because I love it and like challenging myself and learning more every day.

I love skuba, free diving, and spearfishing. I love motorcycles and own a few, both streetbike and Harleys. I am extremely passionate about (specific) automobiles and own a few as well. Specifically… Aston Martins, Mclaren, and Porsches. Of course I love (original) Top Gear. Hated the American “Top Gear”.

If I had to pick my favorite out of all my vehicles I would (surprisingly) say my 2018 Tundra TRD Pro (with Magnuson SC) which just happens to be extremely capable compared to all the Range Rovers, Jeeps, and supposedly “off-road capable” SUVs I’ve owned. Toyota did not pay me to say that, but they should.

I love skateboarding and always add more boards to my collection.

I love hunting.

Since I am retired I have to admit that it is not my highest priority to explain myself. I get no reward from this, only a page to point people to if they ask. So here is this page!

In the last few years I have worked on:

DoDAF Artificial Intelligence

C4ISR Weapons and Defense projects – weapons, weapon systems, hardware and software

Surveillance projects – hardware and software

DoDAF Surveillance projects – hardware and software

Contract and Private Robotics: AI controlled / autonomous

Agriculture/Botanical studies for Space Exploration

Agriculture/Botanical studies for personal research

Input Devices for various platforms

Outbound links…

I sold or closed the following companies when I retired:

Cinovus – My AR/VR Analytics and Research company – My digital Ad agency – My film production company – My technology reviews and hacker blog – One of my old film projects – My Ghost blog -Non profit
Help A Pet Foundation – 503c non-profit providing advanced prosthetics to disabled or injured animals
Help A Vet Foundation – 503c Non Profit providing advanced robotic prosthetics to disabled US Veterans
Help a Kid Foundation – 503c Non-profit providing advanced robotic prosthetics to underprivileged children – My kids educational apps suite, and about a dozen other companies and websites.



Youtube – 🙂



Voluntarily offgrid.

I like to unplug more often than not these days.